VERTU Signature For Bentley

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Inspired by the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, the Signature for Bentley has various tangible design cues drawn from Bentley’s pinnacle automotive. The carbon fibre pillow on the Signature shares similar carbon weave design pattern as on the Mulsanne Speed, the polished stainless steel sides offer a tactile knurled finish that is reminiscent of Bentley control knobs and the Beluga Black calf leather that encases the handset is sourced from the same tannery used by Bentley, as is the phone case which is also embellished with a Bentley Flying B Titanium emblem.

This instantly recognisable Bentley Flying B logo is inscribed on the front of the phone, adorning the sapphire face piece below the key pad. It is also a key characteristic of the software power up graphics and, along with a selection of Bentley images, features in the Signature for Bentley exclusive wallpapers.